Friday 17 November 2017

Demoniac reacts violently but helplessly to the Catholic Truth of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Mother of God during a Solemn Exorcism

In a real exorcism last Saturday, Oct 14, 2017, that lasted more than 3 hrs straight...

Setting: Adoration Chapel
Victim: 20+ yr old Filipino from the province. Fairly educated. Pious in upbringing. During the possessed state, the victim spoke only in Pilipino.


Exorcist: The glorious Mother of God commands you. She, who from the first moment of her conception, crushed your proud head.

Demoniac: (in a very enraged voice with spitefulness) Babae lang siya! Tao lang sya! Bakit Niya ibinigay sa kanya ang korona na dapat ay sa amin.... (trans. She is just a woman! She is merely a human being! Why did He gave her the crown that is supposed to be ours?)

Exorcist: Hail Mary full of grace...

Demoniac: Aaahhh itigil ninyo yan nakakabingi ang pangalan na yan! PI ninyo papatayin namin kayo! (trans. Stop it! Her name is deafening! (cuss word) We will kill you all!)

Exorcist: (reciting the Dominican Litany to Mary to be said during tribulations) Mary, abode of the Angels. Pray for us.

Demoniac: (with a terrifying scream then growling) Aaaaahhhh. Itigil ninyo yan. (trans. Stop it!)

Exorcist: Holy Mary, abode of the angels (repeated 10x)

Demoniac: Aaaaahhhh. Hindi kami pumayag na iluklok siya mas mataas pa sa amin. Ngunit pinlano Niya lahat iyon na ibigay sa kanya ang kaluwalhatian. Dahil sa kanya itinapon kami. (trans. We did not accede to have her placed higher than us. But He planned it all to give to her the glory. Because of this we were cast out!.)

Exorcist : (inviting those assisting him to sing the Salve Regina in latin)

Demoniac: PI ninyo bakit ninyo sya tinatawag? Tao lang sya! Hindi sya diyos! (trans. (cuss words) Why are you calling on her? She is merely a human being! She is not a god!)

Exorcist and assistants: Eia ergo advocata nostra... O clemens, o pia... o dulcis Virgo Maria...

Demoniac: (in shrieking terror as if terrified with what it sees) Aaaaaaah! Itigil ninyo yan! Tama na hirap na hirap na kami! (trans. Stop it! Stop it! We are already in terrible suffering!)

Demoniac: (returns to conscious state from trance state.)

Exorcist: (addressing the victim to test if it is really the victim) Say from your heart "Praise be Jesus and Mary!

Victim: Praise be Jesus and M... Nooooo! (enters into trance and possessed state again)

Demoniac: Hindi namin sya pupurihin kailanman! Tao lang sya! (trans. We will never glorify her! She is just a human being!)

Exorcist: O August Queen of Heaven! Sovereign Mistress of the angels! Thou who from the beginning hast received from God the power and mission to crush the head of Satan, we humbly beseech thee to send thy holy Legions, that, under thy command and by thy power, they may pursue the evil spirits,...

Demoniac: (in a horrified scream) Itigil ninyo yan! Nahihirapan na kami. Galit kami sa babaeng iyan! Siya ang sumira ng lahat ng plano namin... (trans. Shut up! We are in agony. We hate that woman! She is the one that destroyed all our plans!)

Exorcist: Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us (repeating 10x)

Demoniac: (in a surrendering yet angry and defiant tone) Napakalinis niya. Galit kami sa babaeng iyan! Wala kaming kapangyarihan laban sa kanya! (trans. She is immaculate. We abhor that woman! We do not have power over her!)

Lessons learned: Demons may say anything against the Blessed Virgin Mary. But they are truly terrified of her. For they know by her humility, faith in God, and yes to the message of an angel, God became flesh, and the devil's plan was destroyed forever. All who hate her, therefore, align themselves with the devil who abhors her extremely. I have seen the virulence of the devil and his minions of fallen angels against the Blessed Mother and it is not too far from the virulence of some "Christians" against her.