Wednesday 1 April 2015

CASE STORY: When "Malevolent Spirits of Nature" Retaliate

There was this case of the patriarch of a prominent Chinese-Filipino business family down south who happened to have been cruelly retaliated upon by an engkanto that inhabited a very large old tree in their plush backyard.

The retaliation occurred in this way: One dinner time, the family was gathered at table. The father decided to serve them the soup, as he used to in doing. Once he has served everybody, they began to eat. While they were all telling stories and having a hearty laugh, the father, while seating, reached out for the large soup cauldron of very hot soup. The family never suspected anything strange. They thought that the father would set it aside or bring it back to the kitchen so that the food dishes can be served. The father was still telling stories when suddenly he poured the whole scalding broth on himself directly on his right leg. The whole thing went so fast, nobody was able to prevent it from happening. It was only when the children screamed in terror when the father, seemed to have gotten out of a trance, realized what happened and he cried in agony. He was immediately administered first aid and rushed to the hospital. When recounting what had happened, and why he suddenly poured the very hot soup on himself, the father said he did not know. He knew he was reaching for the soup while the members of the family were happily telling stories, but did not remember anything after that. He was asked if he heard any voice at all and he simply said he does not remember. Because of that "accident", the leg had to be bandaged as it has suffered second degree burn. Moreover, as a consequence the man had to use a cane in order to walk. He also needed to take medication for the pain. As if that was not enough, another sad news was received that one of the daughters suddenly was suffering from a delicate pregnancy that can cause miscarriage. The family started to be troubled at these two events. What would be next? The wife started to ask friends for prayers and help, but just like any person in the provinces they also consulted a local healer. Now the local healer told them two things: first, that a curse was sent against them, and the second, an evil spirit (kapre) was displeased with them for cutting an old tree which it inhabits.

To understand  the intricacies of how the attack came about, let us see three very related events.

Chinese incense and food offerings
First, the businessman is a known figure in the chinese business community in their locality. He has been a couple of times elected for leadership positions. For this reason he had ceremonial functions related to certain chinese big events that needed to offer to the gods and ancestors. Although he said he never believed in those false gods, he had to go to the motions of offering in order not to scandalize the other members of their community. Hence, public offering of incense and fruits during chinese events were part of the position.

Second, the businessman hired local people to man his chain of businesses. His priority were people in the area, and those whose background he knew so that they would have a sense of malasakit (genuine concern) to the business considering that the job is the source of their bread and butter. Unfortunately, he had to let some of the workers go because of the dishonest things they have done and for some serious disciplinary infractions of company rules such as drinking and stealing. Those who were terminated certainly resented this. Instead of repenting of the wrong they have done and recognizing their fault, they maligned the owner, and were reported by some of their former fellow workers to have gone through occult practitioners so that these may cast a death spell on him. Their purpose was loud and clear, revenge.

Acacia Tree
Third, now after a few days, a storm hit the province. Since there were these two old giant acacia trees in the expansive backyard of theirs it always posed a threat to people especially from falling branches. When the storm fell one of the trees, the man found that opportune and asked the felled tree to be chopped into pieces and cleared off the land.

Having learned that they probably were cursed and an evil spirit after them, they sought the help of AMOE. We responded to their need and flew all the way to their place in the province to minister to them. We did the standard things in helping them in these cases of curses and infestations. A few weeks before going to them they were asked to examine their lives and repent of there sins and have an honest to goodness confession. They then need to intensify their relationship with the Lord Jesus through prayer, the Holy Mass and Holy Communion and acts of kindness and charity, and certainly virtue. They were also required to renounce all connection with pagan practices and gods.

Arriving in their place, we celebrated Holy Mass with the supplication for spiritual liberation. We then proceeded to break all the curses, unholy seals and consecrations, unholy-soul ties and practices which each member of the family had with any evil sources and spirits. Then we had the general exorcism of the place and proceeded to go to the trees suspected to be infested by unclean spirits. What we saw was a huge tree similar to above. What was strange at that time was the foliage of the tree started to shake as if there was a strong gust of wind passing by, but there was non. It was more like as if there were monkeys shaking the branches.

When Fr. Jocis started the exorcism prayers directed to the tree, the shaking of the branches continued almost violently, as if there were angry monkeys up on the tree top, then followed by a strong gust of wind. When he finished his prayers, the foliage stopped rattling. And there was silence. I have to add however, that during the exorcism prayers before the tree, as I was spraying it with holy water and sprinkling blessed salt, I felt as if tiny insects were biting me because my back was all itchy. After the prayers there was still that itch. I told the matter to Fr. Jocis and he opined that probably I was being retaliated upon by the elementals which we were casting out. Only when I applied blessed oil did the itching stopped. We went around the house and in every nook and corner prayed a short exorcism prayer and then blessed it with holy water.

During dinner time, there was this hot soup again, similar to what the father served when the incident happened. But this time around, it was the wife that served us. We had a very interesting conversation and sharing of stories, questions and answers. At one point the father was so excited with what we were discussing about, that he wanted very much to show us a picture, of which we eagerly obliged. He stood up and got it quick. Upon returning to us at the dinning table, he was running and shouting excitedly. The wife and daughter got disturbed; what was it this time? The father said, shouting, crying, laughing: "Nakakalakad na ako! Nakakalakad na ako! Di ko na kailangan ng tungkod! Diretso na akong maglakad. Nakakatalon na ako at hindi masakit. Nakakatakbo na ako!" (I can walk! I can walk! I do not need a walking stick to assist me! I can walk straight! I can jump without pain! I can run!). Everyone in the family started to be very excited and happy and cry. The father realized that he could indeed walk with ease when upon coming back to the table at a distance he saw his cane still on the chair at the dining table. Nobody noticed it when he stood up as everybody was intently listening to Fr. Jocis' explanations. In all that excitement the phone rang, it was the daughter. She was out of danger, the pregnancy would proceed normally.We were all clapping and praising the Lord and thanking Him. We have seen something wonderful that night.

What happened really? Fr. Jocis explained:
  • The incense and offering to the gods may be acts connected to his leadership position, and he may not have believed any of it. But if at any given point no matter how short, he wished for luck and good fortune during the offering, then he committed an act of idolatry And this is a grave sin as they are Catholics. And this therefore served as an opening to them.
  • This opening therefore gave access for the curse to work.
  • This opening likewise gave access to the unclean spirits in the trees in their retaliation.
  • Since the curse was intended primarily for the father and then collaterally for the whole family, the unborn child and mother were the weakest link and hence they too received the brunt.
  • But since the demons have been expelled, the curses were also nullified. With the maladies that befell the family being spiritually induced, the healing and blessing became immediate, the moment the spiritual source has been removed.
Before leaving for the night, we gave a final blessing to the family and invoked God's protection on them and the unborn child. Then we admonished them to live in the true love of God and neighbor, to live in grace always so that they will remain protected. We left them with thankful praise for God's never failing mercy and kindness.