Thursday 19 March 2015

Unwittingly Welcoming the Evil Spirit of Divination in our Homes

In our experience at AMOE of assisting afflicted people to be liberated from the oppressive spirit of divination, we have identified the instances that this demon was unwittingly invited in the homes and lives of people. Remember the spirit of divination is invited through occult means and it has various forms, to wit:
  • playing with the spirit of the glass
  • doing seances and conjuring the dead
  • inviting spiritistas in the homes and do rituals
  • going to fortune-tellers
  • going to local shamans and albularyos
  • having a close relative (ancestors and siblings) who are local healers or occult practitioners
  • going to manghihilot that whispers orasyons
  • communicating and making pacts with elementals like the dwendes (elves, dwarfs) in exchange for luck, health, wealth
  • new age practices (e.g. crystals, enneagram, tapping energies from nature by meditation techniques, etc.)
  • energy healings (pranic healing, theta healing, etc.)
  • experimenting with hexes and spells the formulas of which are readily available in the internet
  • incorporating chinese superstitious practices like the feng shui, the bagwan, the various prosperity buddhas and golden cats into the life of baptized Christians
  • the wearing of amulets and talismans
  • the wearing of religious objects blessed by occult practitioners
  • using orayson, potions, and oils made and consecrated by the occult practitioners and maliciously given to unsuspecting Catholic priests to be blessed by them before giving these to the clients
  • the introduction of questionable devotions that are not officially approved by the Catholic Church in its universal magisterium (e.g. fascination with angels by naming one's guardian angel or the four other arch angels angels which are not named in Scriptures and which the Church has forbidden to do)
  • any superstition and sacrilege done to catholic blessed and holy objects like the eucharist, the relics, the sacramentals, that are not in consonance with proper use of them
  • joining a secret organization like the Masons and Free Masons, or being a descendant of a Mason or Free Mason
  • joining of occult and satanic groups
We are listing common ones but there are others still not listed here.
Remember that a baptized Christian is a better prized catch for the demons than non-Christians. The dignity of adopted sonship gained through christian baptism becomes a greater challenge for demons. If they can bring to their domain the so-called children of the Most High who were bought with a high price (1 Corinthians 7:23; Revelations 5:9-10), then they have exacted their revenge against the Almighty by stealing His precious creature --man, and preventing that predilected being from ever experiencing the glory that is to be revealed for the sons of God (Romans 8:18).