Friday 20 March 2015

CASE STORY: The Demons that come and go from various gate-ways opened by Pranic and Theta Healings

There is this case of a boy, who when he was barely five years old had terrible nightmares every night. The parents worried about the boy, brought him to regular doctors. However, wary of prolonged use of medication to calm the boy in sleep, the parents decided to try alternative medicine. Since the mother had experiences with New Age, she decided to bring the boy to a pranic healer. 

Now pranic healing is one of those eastern (Hindu) inspired healing techniques that became famous also in the Philippines because it promises a non-invasive type of curing ailments. Basically it understands that ailments are caused by the imbalance flow of life-force energy (prana) in the body. Now pranic healers believe that if one can restore the balance of the energy  flow, then healing would be possible. In order to do that, external source of energy is needed which can be tapped from pure energy sources such as the air, the trees, the water, even from the eucharist, which then can be channeled by the healer to the body of the sick person. The healer standing as conduit between the source of energy and the client. The idea is jump-starting the energy flow of the ailing body by introducing a boosting energy.

Pranic healing

The boy received several sessions with the pranic healer. He seemed to be doing fine after a session but would soon return to the nightmares after a few days or weeks. Thus, the need for multiple visits to the healers. Unknown to the parents, every-time the boy was brought for healing, the boy became more psychic, sensitive to what was apparently the spirit world.

The Catholic exorcist's view of pranic healing is always in the negative. It suffices to say that whatever energy one taps, even if the healer thinks he is tapping simply the energy of nature, this can not simply be done. Therefore, the energy one taps is never nature physical energy, but preternatural energy, a power given by fallen spirits, this is the reason that persons who have received multiple pranic healing sessions become very sensitive. And that pranic healers themselves become psychics. This negative view is shared by the Vatican Document on the New Age "Jesus Christ: The Bearer of the Water of Life" (2003).

As the boy was not getting any better, the healer said that it would be advisable that theta healing be done as this is more potent than pranic healing. (Note: I leave it to the readers to research on this kind of healing so that they can judge it for themselves.) On the appointed day of the theta healing session, the mother was asked to leave the treatment room as the healer needed to do something. After the session, the healer returned the boy to his mother and told her that the boy will now be okay, but warned her in advance that on his twelfth birthday all his psychic powers would open. When the boy was asked what was done to him, he did not remember a thing. Years passed and the boy grew normally, until his twelfth birthday. A week after his 12th birthday, the boy started to enter into a trance without any reason whatsoever. He also started to be very psychic, seemingly able to see things around and beyond while in such a state. He also started to have aversions to the sacred including suddenly falling into a deep asleep whenever the family would start to pray or hear mass.

The boy was brought to a neurologist and psychiatrist  for treatment, but the doctors did not find anything wrong with the boy. They could not explain the things that were happening when the boy enters into a trance. In short, there is now the "unknown" factor for the whole thing. It was then that the boy was brought to AMOE. The initial diagnosis of AMOE was the boy is probably suffering from demonic possession, having many of the signs of it:
  • entering into a trance-like state and remembering nothing upon awakening
  • aversion to the sacred
  • knowledge of hidden things
  • extra-ordinary strength which is not proportionate to the body type and age.
Of course the involvement with the occult, in this case pranic healing and theta healing, was also a factor in saying that this is a possibly, as the new age practices are basically occult practices with direct connection to the praeternatural world, or world of the fallen spirits. New Age practitioners would say they are connected to the divine in them and the divine in the other, but this are all lies. Clear deception of the devil by making a human being believe that he can simply enter into the divine world through techniques of meditation. That is a grave error.

When I met the boy for the pray-over, it was his second exorcism. I found the boy to be typical of those of pre-pubescent age. A little reserved but otherwise smart and friendly. I had a few minutes of friendly chat with him inside the adoration chapel where the pray-over would be held. There was nothing wrong with him as far as I could see. When I asked him to sit on a chair infront of the Blessed Sacrament, I was still able to talk to him intelligently. It was when I started to pray that he immediately entered into a trance-like state. The eyes where closed. When I lifted his eyelids, I only saw the white of the eyes. I called the boy's name but there was no response. I started to put my hand on his head and put around the helm of my stole around his neck, then he started to moan. I also got a relic of  Saint Dominic Savio and started to place it on his head. There was no strong reaction first, until I started to pray, first the litany of the Saints, and then the rest of the prayers. Clearly his reaction was that he was in great pain. We were planning to close his third eye first but we could not get the boy to do the renouncement of the devil since he was already in a trance. At that time there were three priests assisting me. So we all agreed to proceed to do a solemn exorcism to force the unclean spirits out.

The time of the prayer session seemed endless and not going anywhere. There were the typical manifestations, but no expulsions even after multiple exorcisms. We paused for a break to discern. During the discernment process, it was very clear to the lay volunteers who were given at that time the charism of discernment of spirits, that the spirits were coming and going. New spirits come into the boy from different parts of his body, as others where being expelled. If the discernment is correct then we would not be progressing at all. We would just tire ourselves to death. Then one of the lay volunteers suggested: "Father, I think we need to close his chakra points first as these are all open?" "Chakra points?" I only know the term from my studies in Indian philosophy and later in watching Naruto anime and reading its manga. But I did not think it was something real. The suggestion came from one who used to practice some new age techniques and therefore knew what she was saying.

I inquired exactly how was the boy's chakra point been opened. I knew about the pranic healing but the opening of the chakras was kind of new to me. They said that the boy underwent a theta healing. And in that kind of healing the boy is placed in a sort of hypnotic trance and the healer also goes into a trance. Then the boy and the healer meet in an alternate state and that is where all the rituals are done, the consecrations, and the sealings. That is also where the command that the boy will not remember anything done to him was made.

Theta healing is done in an alternate reality.
Learning about that, I was concerned that if the consecrations were done in the spirit world, then this would be a very long battle indeed. As the boy does not remember anything which would make him renounce anything at all. Moreover, it does seem that the boy goes into that world whenever he is in a trance. And it does make sense with the story he tells us that someone is preventing him from getting out of that spirit world. He describes that there is a big tall dark creature blocking the way. In fact during exorcisms and when in trance he seem to be fighting someone who is blocking a way. But at the beginning of the trance he is laughing like a kid as if playing with someone. So somebody plays with him to keep him in that state, and when he wants to leave, something is preventing him.

But the problem is, there are no prayers in the ritual nor in the compilation I made that speaks of chakras; how much more in closing them? So I queried to the priests with me who are also exorcists. Silence. They too have no idea. But one suggested that we should use the formula for closing the occult third eye but changing it to naming the chakra points that we would be closing. And in modifying the command, we should use the Precious Blood of the Lord in it. So that it would go like: "In the name of Jesus Christ, through His Most Precious Blood, I command you chakra point to be closed and never to be opened again." But what are the names of the chakra points? Where are they? We did not have access to the internet in the chapel so that we can search for it. It would have been very helpful if  we know where they are. So the recommendation was to follow where it seems the boy was having pains whenever we do the exorcism. Those points were the crown of the head, the forehead, the throat, the heart, the stomach, the area near the genitals, the palms, and the soles of the feet.

I did as suggested, using exorcised oil we did the prayers and lo and behold the boy was reacting gravely in each of the areas we were closing. However, when it comes to the very sensitive part of the body, I just prayed over it at a distance, and instead asked the boy's father to do the anointing but being very careful as not to elicit undue reaction. It seemed that the boy stopped reacting to those door-ways that we have closed. But he did not come out of the trance. We saw him reacting as if spirits were entering him from other parts of the body. "This is not good", I said to myself, "when will it end?"

I asked for a moment again of discernment. We all had the same intuition, there were other points opened aside from those that we have identified. Later research would tell as that aside from the seven there are other chakra points which would total twenty-two and thirty.

Illustration taken from
Since we could not identify the other entry ways we needed to stop the major exorcisms until we have the needed answers. Upon returning to the adoration chapel, we prayed the Infilling pray, which awakened the boy. Then we did a Cleansing Prayer which ended the prayer-session.

This was a difficult case, and it is not even finished yet. I was told that the boy is already at least on his 8th exorcism session and not much improvement has been made. The other chakra points where probably not yet closed. Indeed this was not done in the succeeding exorcisms. We needed to do more research and understand the nature of the chakra points and how they function. It seemed to us that there are spirits guarding the entry-ways keeping it open so that others can enter. Until we close them all with the proper prayer and exorcism, the demons would simply come and go. But we believe we have found the way to close them and we are ready to try it. We have also identified the 30 chakra points and in the next prayer sessions, we will see.

The Lord is making us see things in this case. We pray that we be able to discern and understand well.