Tuesday 25 August 2015

CASE STORY: Encountering the demons who call themselves MORMO and LEGION

The case of Ellen (not her real name) was a very difficult one from the very beginning when her case was brought to AMOE. She comes from a line of very powerful sorcerers and local healers from her hometown. The father himself is very well known and is feared because of his power. However, in the course of the father's lifetime he encountered the ire of two other powerful sorcerers who threatened him and his family with severe punishments. Fearful for his life and that of his family, he conjured from hell demons and made a pact with them in exchange for the safety of the family. All though the father and his family lived in peace for some more years, the old man soon succumbed to sickness which led to his demise. However, before passing away, he bequeathed to his daughter Ellen all the knowledge he knew of the dark arts, including a black book of incantations and spells. Soon after Ellen started to exercise the power given her. She became the local healer. What was truly ironic was that the local catholic priest calls on her services to accompany him for the ministry of healing to sick parishioners. Ellen also became active in parish life while at the same time quietly doing her craft.

One providential day, Ellen got hold of the book of Fr. Syquia on "Exorcism: Encounters with the Paranormal and the Occult". She began to read it This became the avenue for her conversion and enlightenment which of course as a consequence led to her experience of retaliations and eventual demonic possession...

On the day of her first pray-over, being made to sit comfortably in front of the Blessed Sacrament, the prayers have not yet started, when she began to be stiff like a log, and enter into a trance-like state where her eyes rolled and only the white of the eye can be seen. One of the priests in the team did the initial prayers -- the sealing of the senses, then four-minor exorcisms. She started to scream, and became violent. Her strength overwhelming for a very petite lady. Four abled-bodied women can not control her so two-men came to help but she was so strong that it became very difficult to control her. When the reaction and resistance became even more intense, we decided to proceed with a major exorcism. And here the battle became even more intense. As the spirit manifested itself with crass words, blasphemies, curses. Every now and then it would open the eyes of the victim and give an evil stare full of hatred at the priest. But the priest just continued on praying and commanding. After about thirty-minutes or so of continuous intense prayer, I was then asked to take over in the prayers so that the other priest can have a respite and later help restrain the possessed.

It took about seven Praecipio commands following imperative exorcisms and petition to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to St. Michael the Archangel for assistance, before the demon gave its first name. It shouted "Mormo". And when queried on why it possesses the woman, it responded: "The family belongs to me. I gave them power." Everytime the Praecipio would be repeated it gave the same name and the reason of the possession. At one point the afflicted screamed and wailed saying: "Itay, tulungan mo ako. Hirap na hirap na ako. Tama na." ( Dad, help me. I am in deep pain. Enough of this.) And this was very clear during the recitation of Exorcism Prayer III which targets occult spirits.

It would take about another hour of intense and continuous prayer before Ellen would calm down and wake up from the trance. The battle was not yet over. This we know for sure. There was no clear manifestation of expulsion of demons that happened. It seemed to us that the demon simply retreated. There is a lot do still by Ellen in order to be rid of that stubborn demon Mormo.

During the discernment. I looked up on this demon Mormo. It is not really a personal name but a type of demon. It is a demon that specializes in the dark arts and is fond of giving powers including that of healing to whoever asks of it. And then once the person is inebriated with such power invites it to conjure a demon from a higher rank but in exchange a sacrificial offering should be made.

There were other demons or manifestation of demons present during the exorcism prayers according to the AMOE equipé. There was a very big serpent coiled around Ellen which comes in and out of her body. And this big serpent is surrounded by other smaller snakes. Then there was a giant crab with its claws inside her body. There was also a dark figure of an old man with its arms around her as in an embrace. Then midget size creatures that resemble half-human and half-beast feasting on her legs and feet. The latter would probably explain why all throughout the session, Ellen kept on kicking as if trying to remove something from her legs. This reaction gave the most problem for the staff as they had difficulty controlling it and many a times became victims of the jerking which according to them was very painful as if being hit by a log.

When we asked if the demons were expelled? They only answered that they just distanced themselves for a while but did not disappear as would often be if there was an expulsion. This discernment allowed us to definitively say that the battle is just beginning and we would for sure need more sessions with Ellen before complete liberation can come. Meanwhile, she needs to continue on her spiritual journey by intensifying her prayer life and works of penance. She, her deceased father and family were too deep into bondage with the occult and with demonic powers, it would not be something the demons would give up, not without a fight. We warned her not to use her powers again as every time she would, will definitely tie her more and more to the demon that enslaves her.

It would take about four months before we would see Ellen again. Between the time she was first ministered by us and today there was another pray-over which turned out equally violent and difficult. That second time they attempted to close the occult third eye but it did not materialize simply because the reactions to the prayers remained to be very adverse and strong. After Ellen would go out of a trance she would be very weak requiring assistance even just to walk. The closing of the third eye would need to wait until she is strong enough to go through it.

Now in her third time of pray over, the manifestations of the evil spirit did not occur until around 20 minutes in the prayer. The sealing of the senses created an adverse reaction especially when the holy oil was applied to the ears. Earlier she said that she would hear voices whispering to her to go out and help the sick people and heal them with her power. The reacting during the anointing of the ears point that the voices she hears are vile and unholy. During the series of five minor exorcisms there was groaning and screaming. Again she stiffened up and entered into a trance.

When I took over and pronounced the Praecipio prayer, there was a very clear resistance on the part of the demon when she started kicking her legs and raising her hands to the ceiling and fought her way against the four women keeping her at bay. The groaning became even louder when the solemn exorcisms were pronounced. There was a very clear growl whenever the words "Ancient Dragon", "Ancient Serpent", "Evil Dragon" was mentioned. In our experience a well defined reaction to these titles of the devil signify that what we are up against is a demon conjured directly from hell.

This particular pray over was during the liturgical feast of the Queenship of Mary, and I intended very well to use that feast to taunt the evil spirit that was tormenting Ellen. Every so often I would inject the command: "The Great Mother of God, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, commands you! She who from the first moment of her immaculate conception crushed your proud head." It was awe-inspiring to see how vexed the unclean spirit was with those words. I repeated them over and over again in a series and the reaction remained consistent. This demon recognizes the defeat it received from the Immaculate Virgin. In several instances I said to the demon: "Why resist demon? Certainly you recognize that you are forever defeated by Jesus Christ and by His Immaculate Mother." The growl was so strong you recognize immediately the torture those words bring to the demon.

Recognizing how weakened it is, I repeated the Praecipio three times before proceeding to the other prayers of exorcism. Unable to bear the strength and power of the command "The glorious Queen of heaven and earth, the Queen of the Angels, commands you. Dicas mihi nomen tuum..." It finally shouted its name several times: "Legion, Legion, Legion!" And Ellen started to vomit, a good sign that expulsion is happening. But if indeed we are facing the biblical demon called Legion, this is a very strong enemy. That somebody has it as a possessing demon must have conjured it direct from hell. Perhaps this is the very reason it reacts strongly with the title of "Ancient Serpent" or "Ancient Dragon". But why would anybody think of conjuring it?

It is most probable that Legion was the demon conjured by the father, and the demon the father of Ellen made a pact with in exchange for the protection of the family against powerful warlocks. And apparently Ellen was consecrated to this demon as the sacrificial offering. And although the blood of animal sacrifice was used by his father, according to Ellen later on when she was queried about this, she was the one signed with this blood of the animal offered to the demon. It is no wonder that in the discernment process, the father really figured clearly in what the equipé saw. And in her dreams and visions, she saw her father torturing her because she renounced the powers she received and cut the ungodly soul ties links and bondages between her, her parents, grandparents, and all ancestors. Because of this act of renouncement of the occult, and the act of consecration to God, she has become the object of retaliation from the evil one.

We need another session or two of pray-over with Ellen. Although we have seen a breakthrough where we have two demonic names revealed that of Mormo and Legion, complete expulsion and liberation will come still much later. The spiritual journey of Ellen continues...


13 October 2015

I have not seen Ellen for about two months now. She had at least another exorcism session with another priest; I was told. However, since the latest exorcism, she is now according to the case-officer of AMOE in-charge of her case, doing well. Ellen is now able to pray from her heart, receive Holy Communion with a sense of gratitude and love towards Our Lord Jesus. She has also developed a strong devotion to Our Blessed Mother and her Rosary. From all the looks of it, she is completely healed and free. Nonetheless, she asks prayers for her siblings who are now being harassed severely by the unclean spirits because they still continue to maintain their desire for occult power. They refuse to renounce it. However, Ellen's prayer of faith and protection for her family is indeed being heeded by God because the retaliation over the siblings is a sign that God is working something as well in their hearts. We pray to the merciful Lord that the day of their awakening may come soon; so that they too may come to the knowledge of the truth and turn away from their wicked ways.

When Volunteers are Retaliated Upon by Unclean Spirits

There are those who come to us at AMOE seeking to volunteer in the ministry. We get a whole lot of people with various kinds of motivations. There are those who are volunteering for adventure, for curiosity's sake, those who would like to share in the power to control and expel demons, there are even those who would like to teach us other means to cast them out, then there are the mediums and psychics who claim that they can point to us who and where are the malevolent spirits. None of them of course we entertain. They may have good intentions but that does not qualify them to be volunteers in the ministry. For in this ministry in the Catholic Church there is no other name, power, and authority by which we cast out demons, except that of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other means by which we cast them out except by the way the Catholic Church sanctions it. There are no other instruments or weapons except through prayer, the sacraments, and the sacramentals of the Church. All other means we shun and consider dangerous and not of God.

And when it comes to persons, they are chosen by their orthodoxy of faith and uprightness in life, fidelity to the teachings of the Church, and obedience to ecclesiastical authority, and the exorcist whom they are going to assist. Just as ecclesiastical law is very strict in choosing those who are to be appointed to the ministry of exorcist, the exorcist too must be very stringent in those who will be part of his team. As the volunteers need to be as strong as he is in many ways, as they can prove to be the weakest link in the ministry.

The volunteers are then trained on how to first conduct themselves, then how to do interviews, how to do basic counseling, and a healthy inter-personal relationship. For after all they are at the forefront of AMOE's ministry. They are not saints, no one among us consider ourselves as such. But we all strive by the grace and mercy of the Lord to be guided by His grace and to follow it.

Not withstanding this striving, they seem to bear the brunt when demons retaliate. And it is no laughing matter. The more powerful the demon encountered in a particular case, the heavier the kind of retaliation. But what is so awesome is that the Eternal Father does not allow anything fatal to happen to them. Still what is able to penetrate no matter how little still causes inconvenience, pain, headaches, body aches, fever, falling objects, noises, heavy knocking, emotional pain. These are people who know how to protect themselves, imagine what kind of retaliation comes to the uninitiated.

In the course of the ministry, I would at times invite seminarians both religious and diocesan to assist us in a session. There are those who would volunteer, others are afraid. But even from those who raise their hands or present themselves to me, I need to reassure them that they need not fear anything. The focus is always on God not the devil. The only thing I advise them is never to come without being in the state of grace, went to confession, received sacramental absolution, went to holy mass and received holy communion before the scheduled date of the prayer-over. There are those who are fortunate enough to witness a real case of possession on their first participation. And they rejoice in seeing first hand the power of God but also the terrible pain the demon inflicts on the afflicted. They would often thank us for giving them the chance to assist and requests that they be invited again next time. We are indeed glad to have them as these seminarians would one day become priests and when the appropriate time comes and their help is needed by the Church for this specialized ministry, they would not hesitate.

However, while we are very hopeful for this prospective, I suppose, the devil is not. And hence, when the seminarians or anyone else intends to be a mainstay in the ministry are not looking carefully on their demeanor, the devil works fast and double time to inflict his retaliation. This is the reason that one cannot simply volunteer without any preparation whatsoever nor possess the courage and grace of perseverance. But it is likewise very clear to those who fight the good fight, the grace of God is never wanting. And the blessings received by the faithful is beyond all expectations.