Thursday 9 April 2015

CASE STORY: Clairvoyance and Divination different words but the same thing and the same demon

Not so long ago a case was referred to AMOE of three sisters who have been seeing spirits since they were young girls. All the while they thought that it was a normal thing. Whenever, they would tell people such as relatives or friends that they see spirits around, in the corner, in a room, or anywhere else, these would always react in a negative way and in fear. But they would tell them that this spirit is kind because it is smiling, or whatever. They would also relate if the spirits seems to be bad because of the way it manifests itself. But no one wanted to hear about it. They soon realized that the ability they had is not typical of others. Some people have them, others don't. 

As they were growing up they learned to use the power to their advantage and developed a sense of pride of being different and gifted because there are people who tell them that it is a gift. Convinced that it was indeed a gift, they sharpened the ability even further. Enjoying the power that they had, they started talking to the spirits and making friends with them. They started to do spells as well. The spirits taught them how to do spells, identified to them who are their real friends and who are their enemies. What is ironical is externally and even internally they are devout Catholics. Little did they know that their power is not a gift from God but elsewhere. They claim that they are able to help lost souls by talking to them and leading them to the light.

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All that "gift" thing view started to change in the middle of their adult life, when eerie things began happening at a very fast paced in their family. The mother suddenly during a trip overseas entered into a coma. She was flown back to the Philippines and immediately underwent rigorous tests and the best of doctors. But the doctors could not find any medical reason for it. MRI, CT Scan, all possible tests were done with no conclusive diagnosis as to the cause of ailment. She was brought home to be cared for by the children. The mother developed sores all over the body that would become like a bark of a tree when dried. And this would be on top of the other. It was a pitiful sight to behold for the children. Then at times the mother's face would be wringing in pain as if fighting with someone. Things in the house would move, blood would drip from the ceiling. In the clinic of one of the sister's, the machines would start to move on their own. Clinic assistant's witnessed one of the chairs rise a few inches and threw itself several feet away. Soon terror started to grip the family. Scratches on the walls of the house would appear. Wailing in the house would be heard. What was happening? They could not get an answer from medical doctors. So they brought in from different parts of the country the best occult healers. They even imported healers from nearby Asian countries. But every time, the mother would be in a worst condition that before.

Paradoxically they never called in a priest early on in the sickness to sooth their mother with the sacraments of the sick and for the prayers of the Church. It was only when they tried all things that they finally invited a priest friend, who willingly oblige, to anoint the mother. When the priest came for the visit, things did not go well with him either. Upon entering the house he felt sick and an eerie feeling came upon him that he was not welcome in the house. But he managed to give the sacrament of the anointing of the sick to the mother. During the prayers the mother seemed to be resisting but upon the application of the holy of oil, the woman calmed down and the contortions on her face relaxed. However, she remained in a coma and the skin condition has not improved.

They then told the story to the priest who upon hearing of their tale recommended them to seek the help of AMOE. In the first interview with the members of the family, all four of them --the three sisters and their entered into a short period of trance in the office. This already was a sign how deep was their connection with the spirit world. Meanwhile, while the interview was going on, something perplexing was happening at home. According to the household helps things in the house started to shake violently and also as if someone very mad was kicking the walls. As this was happening, the helpers called the owners on their cellphone informing them of what was happening.

AMOE did not lose time to schedule a pray-over for all the siblings. The lay-volunteer case officer diligently walked them through the things that they need to renounce in their life and to spiritually prepare for the prayer of liberation. This gift which they call "clairvoyance" (the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known senses) is none other than "divination". And in all the experiences of the exorcist of AMOE regarding this phenomenon, it is mostly diabolic in nature. To consider this a "gift" is a misnomer and false. It is not a gift, but a trick of the devil. One now sees the fruits of this false gift. The paranormal happenings in their household was already a sign of the dominion of the unclean spirits over the family. The siblings have long enjoyed the powers, the use of this ability, both for their personal and professional life. Now the demon of divination consider it payback time and is taking his booty. Why was the mother attacked in this manner? AMOE learned that the mother was the one who introduced them to use this power. She introduced them too to diviners, and other clairvoyants, to occult practitioners. What was ironical was that the mother was also very religious and sadly superstitious at the same time.

When they were told to abandon the use of the powers, their faces became sad. Probably this was the same look Jesus saw on the rich young man who was told that if he wants to gain everlasting life, he should sell everything he has and give to the poor and follow Christ (Matthew 19:21-23). It was very difficult for them to renounce the power because they feared it would mean being now victims of people since they would not be able to sense who is a true friend who is not. Moreover, they used this ability for their professional advantage so they feared that this would bring "bad luck". They haggled if they could retain the "gift" but expel the demon that controls the ability. The case-officer said they must renounce both ability and the demon and all the things that they did under the influence of the demon of divination.

The first pray-over session was only with the two sisters. During that pray-over, the reactions where certainly bizarre. Their reactions were all violent. They were screaming as if pigs are being slaughtered, their tongue was sticking in and out with a hissing sound. And this occurred mostly during the Exorcism Prayer III. We were right in thinking that we are dealing here with occult spirits. During the closing of the occult third-eye, which is the eye of the clairvoyant to the spirit world, they were hysterical. We did not stop in the exorcism prayers until they became calm and still. Afterwards we asked them to consecrate themselves and the psychic abilities to the Blessed Virgin Mary, asking her to close them forever.

Our experience on the remaining sister was uneventful. There was not much fireworks. If fact none at all. We were apprehensive at this because it simply cannot be that the two sisters who were prayed over a few days before had much reaction and this one had none. Could the demon have already left even before the exorcism because it knew it would be confronted? Or was it hiding? When asked how she felt during the prayers, she said she feels light, relieved and okay. But there was something she was not telling us completely. When asked if there was any pain in her body, her only response was a headache on the forehead. We did not proceed any further on her after the first one pass of the exorcism prayer and the closing of the third eye, and finally the consecration. I was hoping that showing her compassion and concern she would open herself more to the Lord. Seeing none of that,  I closed the pray-over session with the Infilling Prayer and Cleansing Prayer.

During the discernment period we had for this last client, we knew that she was not sincere in her renouncements. We suspected that she does not want the power to leave but only the demon. The none reaction of the unclean spirit on the prayers, and the headache on the forehead gave us a clue on the lack of resolve of the person to be truly liberated. We had to let her go and experience for herself what retaliation means.

After four days, nothing negative was heard from the two earlier cases. The two sisters prepared themselves spiritually well, their repentance sincere, the renouncements real. Meanwhile, that of the last sister was what we expected. She was bedridden for a week, she had no power to stand at all, she had an over all malaise and her nightmares were as terrible and vivid as day. When she became well, she called her case-officer for another schedule of pray-over. The case-officer inquired what happened to her and she recounted what happened after the pray-over. From her own lips she said that perhaps she is being retaliated upon. The case-officer prodded further to inquire what would perhaps triggered such retaliation on her alone when the other two sisters have none and are now enjoying a much more peaceful life. The client said she does now know. So the case-officer said that AMOE could not be of help unless she helps herself and discover in an honest to goodness examination of conscience before God what is lacking in her.

It would take a few more days before she admitted to the case officer that she was not fully resolved in giving up the power. The power has benefited her so much in her professional practice. She thought because of this power she was able to help many people and many souls. So she did not want it to go but only that demon. But the demon and the power are intimately connected. The demon is the one giving the power. And therefore the renouncement must be total and goes in one package. Now she said, "I am ready." The case officer wanting to be sure that she understood what the client said, queried: "What are you ready now?" She responded, "I am ready and now fully resolved to give up and surrender totally this ability. And I will entrust everything to God as He wills." Having heard this conviction, the case officer said that she would arrange for another pray-over, but that there was no assurance that it can be scheduled immediately as there were others who were already scheduled ahead. The client said she is willing to wait. The case-officer gave her once more her spiritual assignments which she must do with complete attention.

The day of the pray-over came. Her case was assigned again to me. I walked her through what we would do. During the pray-over, it was again uneventful. Was she again holding back? I asked her of any pain. She said only on the shoulders, back of the neck, back of her head. "How about the front?", I asked. "None, she replied. I continued the exorcism prayer against occult spirits and this time there was shaking, her body started to vibrate, then she started to stick her tongue in-out like that of a snake with some hissing sound, nothing more. I continued to pray and pray until there was no more shaking on her part. Then I proceeded to the closing of the occult third eye. I told her that if she really wants to be liberated, she needs to renounce the power and the demon. She said: "I have renounced it Father and will renounce it again and again." And so during the closing of the occult third eye, she gave a screeching scream as she was renouncing the demon of divination, then silence. As I was saying the exorcism prayer against the spirit of divination and the occult third eye she gave again a screeching scream. I instructed her not to close her eyes but to look at me as I anoint her forehead with exorcised-blessed oil. She was panting as I was doing it. I prayed the exorcism prayer against the occult third eye and the demon of divination and commanded it to be closed forever three times. On the third exorcism, she was already calm. She made her consecration to the Blessed Mother, and I confirmed her consecration by anointing her once more on the forehead and all the senses --ears, eyes, nose, lips, heart, shoulders, palms, soles of the feet. There was no more reaction. No pain, nothing. We closed the prayer session with a cleansing prayer. And instructed her of what to do next.

After four days she called the office, reporting how she was able to sleep soundly with no nightmares, no visions, no voices, no scratches, no sound of walking along the corridor. She is now experiencing what her other siblings were experiencing --peace. A few weeks after, she called back with much glee and excitement. Her clinic practice is successful, patients are coming in continuously. She has opened the door of heavenly blessing because she has closed the door to the evil one.

When all the children where healed the mother started to be healed as well. Her sores have all dried up and her skin is back to normal. Though she may still be in a coma her countenance has changed from one of suffering and anxiety to that of tranquility and peace. And if God wills she too would soon be healed.


  • Pride often accompanies those who possess the power of divination. Clairvoyance or third-eye, or by whatever one fancies to call it, remains to be from the evil one. Using the powers for whatever reason even if it is to help others or souls of the departed is simply an illusion. The teaching of Sacred Scripture is very clear on this and the Catholic Church reiterating the prohibition by God on using this occult powers clearly teaches that to attempt to control occult powers put one at great risk of being taken over by the evil one (CCC 2116-2117).
  • A person who is afraid to close this psychic ability through a prayer of exorcism by a duly mandated exorcist priest has now implicated himself/herself in recognizing that the power is not from God because if it is by renouncement of the gift in the context of an exorcism prayer that it closes then it is not from God in the first place. And a person who excuses himself/herself by saying that through it he/she is able to help others, is simply enjoying the power and the adulation of others that it brings. And the pride in the heart will deepen the hold of the demon of divination in the person. Now we are no longer dealing here with simply the spirit of divination, but of spirit of greed for power, and of the spirit of pride. All these demons now in the person because he/she does not want to let go of the power of divination.
  • Stop calling "Clairvoyance" or "Occult Third-Eye" as a gift, because IT IS NOT! Any one calling it a gift is deluding themselves. God will not give anyone a gift to have contact with the preternatural world 24 x 7 without the clairvoyant having any control. There was an urgent reason why God closed this ability in the first place. Know the reason why before attempting to open it and if one is unfortunately born with it, why it needed to be closed.