Sunday 10 May 2015

The Haunting Stories of 5 Saints Who Battled Demons

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CASE STORY: Deceiving demons in mediumship and spiritual channeling

There was this case referred to AMOE of a woman who was a member of cult-like group. The group is into healing ministry and uses mediumship in order to receive power to heal and messages to teach. The group is numbering hundreds of active members now. In this particular case of the spiritually afflicted, she has served several times to be a medium to spirits pretending to be the Virgin Mary or some angel or saint.

This case was very memorable to me as it was one of the cases that I did not have a priest to assist me early on in the ministry. After assisting Fr Jocis in a few cases of possession and oppression, he deemed me ready to go on my own. And if I am not mistaken this case was one of those. It is also memorable in another sense because this one was pretty violent.

The pray-over started with the anointing of the senses with the oil of catechumens. The moment the holy oil touched the forehead of the afflicted she immediately showed signs of a reaction, her face cringed as if in pain. Then when the holy oil touched the ears, she raised her shoulders as if trying to reach the ears. Then the eyes were anointed and the face again squirmed. When the nostrils where about to be anointed, the afflicted complained: "Ano ba yan ang baho-baho?" (What is that obnoxious smell?) Of course the oil did not smell offensive at all. When the lips where to be anointed, there was the reaction of retracting the lips so that it would not be anointed. It clearly did not want it to be signed with the cross using holy oil. But I traced it just the same. And it responded with: "Pwe!" Then the chest and shoulders were anointed and it became very clear to us that the afflicted was experiencing pain with the anointings because of the expression on the face. When the palms were about to be touched with holy oil, the afflicted refused to open the palms. But we were able nonetheless to open it by anointing the clenched fingers and it softened up where we were finally able to anoint the hands. When the soles of the feet were to up next, the afflicted started to kick the feet so that we would not be able to do what we proposed to do. However, what I did was to anoint the top of the feet and when it became relaxed, I anointed the soles as well. When it was time to make the sign of the cross over the entire person, she was already violently resisting it as she moved her body visibly vexed by the whole sacred action done to her.

The rite of solemn exorcism started with the sign of the cross followed by Litany of the Saints. It did not take long for the unclean spirit to react as the afflicted entered into a trance. During the prayers the demon was visibly irritated as it kept on babbling and babbling unintelligible words. The praying of the Praecipio part elicited a very different reaction. Suddenly the possessed became very quiet. Repeated pronouncement of the command, not only provoked silence but also a clear facial expression where the lips where retracted inwards in a clear sign of preventing any attempt on the part of the demon to utter its name. After a few tries, I proceeded with the other exorcism prayers. This time around the demon became talkative again. It just mumbled words. In many instances it was as if it was praying in tongues, with the same sounds as what would hear in a prayer meeting when they would start to go in tongues. After which it would speak in Pilipino and speak in a gently voice: "Bakit ninyo ko gustong paalisin? Mabuti ako. Marami akong natutulungan." (Why do you want to expel me? I am good. I am able to help a lot of people.) But I simply did not listen to this pleading. For one knows that if it is reacting in this way to the exorcism prayers, then definitely it is never from God. This is a deceiving spirit pure and simple.

After the First Exorcism Prayer, I proceeded to recite the Our Father and the team joined with me. Unsurprisingly, the possessed joined in the prayer in a loud voice, perhaps trying to prove to us that it can pray to God. However, we were not deceived as the words that came from its mouth although indeed the words of the Lord's Prayer, yet the soul and heart of the person was not in the prayer. It was just saying the words in the prayer. And one can notice a clear mocking in the manner by which it was saying it. After the Our Father, I immediately went to the Praecipio prayer, which led the unclean spirit to be on a defensive. It became silent again. Nonetheless, it could not resist the power of the command prayer, that it had to forcibly close the mouth of the afflicted so that it would not speak. We could audibly hear the "Hmmmmph" sound. I repeated the Praecipio about three times before proceeding to Exorcism Prayer II. While addressing the Heavenly Father in the Supplication Prayer of Exorcism II, the possessed spoke in a clear voice: "Ako ito." (I am he.) It was clear to us that the demon again was pretending, this time around impersonating God the Father. How many gullible people this demon was able to deceive, I wondered? In her community this woman served as the mouthpiece they say of God the Father and people listened in submission to all those messages coming from her. But clearly in this exorcism it was no God the Father at all but a lying demon.

We called on the Blessed Virgin Mary and beseeched her to help us cast out this lying and deceptive demon. We called on her as August Queen of the Angels to chase these demons away and free this handmaid of God from the clutches of the possessing demon.

With full conviction and faith in the authority of Christ over all the infernal legions, I again commanded the unclean spirit in the Praecipio prayer, to reveal its name. It is clear that the possessing demons were being harassed by a higher demon preventing them from speaking out and revealing the name of their leader. For suddenly the woman started biting her tongue. We were fearful that she might bite it so much so as to cut it. For in this instance we knew that the demon is so weakened as to resort to threatening to mortally hurt the afflicted.

In the Third Exorcism prayer against the spirit of the occult, the malevolent spirits could no longer deal with the power of the exorcism as the afflicted started to vomit continuously. The spirit once more spoke with a clear sign of defeat: "Mga walanghiya kayo! Tinanggal ninyo na silang lahat. Pinahihirapan ninyo ako ng husto. Mga walanghiya kayo!" (Shame on you! You have removed them all. You are torturing me. Shame on you!) It was a sure sign to us that spirits where leaving, the major demon as they were already vexed by the strength of the powerful prayers.

The woman came out of the trance. At last she can make her renouncement of Satan and all his works. I accompanied her for the closing of the Occult Third Eye of the spirit of Divination. She had no reactions whatsoever in the introductory parts of the Rite of Closing of the Occult Third Eye. The reaction started to come in when she was saying the renouncement: "I renounce the spirit of divination and the power of demons that came in me to give me this power, in the name of Jesus Christ." She said this renouncement thrice. Every time it was obvious to us that she was having difficulty saying it. But she mustered all her strength to stay focused to say the renouncement in complete abandonment to the mercy of God. When it was my turn to cut all links of the woman with the spirit of divination, then commanding the spirit of divination to get out, and adjuring the occult third eye to close and never to be opened again while anointing the her forehead with holy oil, she gave a loud and prolonged scream before finally expelling it with a vomit. I repeated the command and anointing until the vomiting stopped and the woman was calm.

I asked her to make her consecration to God through the intercession of Our Lady. During this prayer she was weeping with happiness as later she would recount that she felt inner peace in her soul and immense love coming from God and Our Blessed Mother. After her consecration I validated her total surrender to God by sealing her once more by anointing her senses with holy chrism. It is now over.

Before dismissing her, I strongly enjoined her never again to join that group or be used in anyway to be a medium to anything or any spirit. For we warned her that any spirit that desires to possess and come in a human body in order to talk or heal or give a message to people is always and will be from the father of lies. This is mediumship or in modern terms "spiritual channeling", something strongly prohibited by the Almighty and is an abomination in His sight (Leviticus 19:31).