Monday 23 March 2015

CASE STORY: The Abortion House

We had this case of a young university student, whose third eye was closing in a very slow manner even if she has observed everything that we counseled her to do. I presented her story in an earlier post. The speed or facility of the closing of the third eye had something to do with where she lived. In her own narrative, she observed that if she would sleep in her grandparents house in the nearby province, she would not have the disturbances at night that she would usually experience if she would be sleeping in her parents' house. We wondered at AMOE whether the house was a factor? Could it be infested? Would infestation have something to do in hindering the closing of the occult third eye? These questions came into our thoughts during the discernment process. So after many months of observing the progress in the closing of her psychic abilities, we decided to have an ocular of their place and schedule for a deliverance ministry for the house and property indeed if it is found to be infested.

During the ocular visit of a delegation from AMOE to the house, there was no apparent sign of infestation. It was a regular three-story house, with an open terrace at the top-floor and small storage room. The first floor is the receiving area, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and a room for the household help. At the second-floor is the family bedroom, the kids bedrooms, and a bathroom. The house was clean and in order. It was only after the group prayed for protection and asking the Lord for guidance and charisms to discern how to best minister to the family that lives in the house, that they started to experience a form of harassment and evil presence. Going around the house the stronghold seemed to be concentrated in three specific areas. The oppressive presence was felt at the ground floor level --in the garden beside the house, at the second floor level --the master's bedroom, and at the whole third floor level with the strongest inside the storage room. What happened in the house? This was what the delegation needed to know because in understanding what caused the infestation, the proper action and remedy can be administered. Fortunately, only the eldest daughter, the one we have ministered too, is sensitive. So she is the only one in the family who actually experiences bizarre things when in the house. Of course this caused her a lot of angst as the other members of the family could not relate to her when she recounts her experiences in the house. More so also when she would narrate to them the strange things that have happened to her. Imagine if another family member would experience weird things happening, or the whole family?

It was not easy for us to visit the house primarily because the parents of the girl did not find anything wrong with the house and that they did not give credence to the experiences of the daughter. It was only when another member of the family became victim of an oppression that they started to have a change of heart. The victim was the younger brother only 7 years old at that time.

Now this boy is used being left inside the house with only the household helper. And the boy at a tender young age plays all by himself inside the house, in the garden, and on the 3rd floor terrace. Perhaps as a coping mechanism, the boy started to have an imaginary friend whose name was Bruno. The family did not mind it much when the boy recounts his adventures with the imaginary friend. After all they thought, boys at that age would always have fantastic made up stories to tell. He would outgrow it eventually. The years went and the boy continued his friendship with this friend of his. So while this relationship was intensifying, the eldest sister was already experiencing grave oppression. Were they somehow related?

In the months that went as I was helping the eldest sister be rid of the psychic abilities and the control of the spirit of divination over her, the little brother would be found talking to himself and would always want to be alone. Although very active when in school, playing football and other sports, the moment the child reaches home, his mood changes and becomes secretive. One night, while sleeping, with no warning at all, the boy entered into a trance and the hands were suddenly raised towards the ceiling, the left foot was raised as well and the boy remained in this position for at least an hour. The mother did not know what to do and called the daughter, who at that time was staying in her grandparents' house, to ask for help. The girl texted me and recounted the story, asking as well what needed to be done.

What was thought of as an imaginary friend turned out to be a demon pretending to be a friend.

This webbing of events in the family merited eventually the decision to finally have the house blessed and spiritually liberated as well.

So in the initial investigation, the AMOE people who went to the place discovered the following:

Why the third floor?

  • The original owner of the house, who was distant relative of the family, was a lady doctor who used to perform clandestine abortions on the top floor of the house.
 Why the ground floor?
  • The plot of land which serves now as a garden used to be where the fetal parts were buried.
 Why the master's bedroom?
  • The grandmother maternal side was a very superstitious woman who believed more in albularyos or local healers than physicians and God when it comes to healing.
  • The mother of the spiritually afflicted regularly consulted albularyos and through her the children were also brought to them whenever they have an illness that doctors could not seem to diagnose.
  • It is in the master's bedroom that the mother and father decide what to do in the strange situations.
Why the eldest daughter?
  • The  girl was contaminated at an early age because of the grandmother and mother who used to bring her to the local healers whenever she gets sick
  • And for this reason received cursed objects in the form of amulets, talismans, and potions for the purpose of protection and healing
Why the boy?
  • Being often left alone in a place already infested, the boy became an easy target to the evil spirits in the property. In order to get the boy's attention, the evil spirit appeared as a playmate.
The information gathered were vital for the proper approach on how to liberate the place.

Before tackling the house itself, AMOE has discerned that the best approach was:
  • Stabilize first the daughter because she has the most attack. It would be necessary to cut her unholy soul ties between the grandmother and the mother because they were the ones responsible for contaminating her with occult practices and objects
  • Liberate the boy next and cut his unholy ties and bondages with the eldest sister, the mother and grandmother as their contamination affected him as well. Then cut the unholy ties and bondages with his imaginary friend who is not imaginary at all but an unclean spirit. The entering into a trance by the boy was the sign that he would soon be possessed if not immediately liberated.
  • Liberate the mother from the contaminating effects of her unholy ties and bondages with the grandmother and the occult practitioners. Make her go to confession and confess her sins especially the involvement with occult powers.
Responding to the three recommendations of AMOE:
  • We did a series of pray-overs and two major exorcisms with the eldest daughter.
  • I had a session of pray-over with the boy for the purpose of closing his occult third eye.
  • The mother went to confession and had one session of major exorcism with Fr. Jocis.
Seeing the positive response of the three to the pray-overs, we then scheduled a day for the liberation of the family and the house. The AMOE contacted the newly appointed exorcists of Antipolo who are technically priests-in-training at that time to assist in the ministry. At the house of the client, we decided to celebrate first a holy mass at the master's bedroom, then do a general exorcism prayer for the liberation of the whole property using the Exorcism Prayer of Pope Leo XIII, go to each of the three stronghold areas and recite once more the exorcism prayer there at least twice, then sprinkle amply with holy water the house and all rooms, anoint the walls and windows and doors with holy oil, and put blessed sacramentals in every room. We spent a bit more time at the third floor because that was where the greatest stronghold was located. I recited the prayer of Pope Leo XIII thrice in the storage room as that used to be the abortion clinic. Then incensed the place, sprinkled exorcised-blessed salt, and lots of holy water. After having covered the entire house and property, we asked the family to make their consecration to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. And that was it.

We reminded the family to strive to grow in genuine love of God and neighbor, to never be lax in their practice of charity and virtue. It is important that as a family and as individuals, they would grow in their relationship with the Lord. We advised them to always wear reverently their sacramentals as protection. And finally to wait for four days in order to experience the full-effect of the spiritual liberation of the place.

The first three nights were rather a bit shocking for the family because there were eerie manifestations --noises, footsteps, knockings on the windows. But we told them early on that these are remnants of the infestation. The demons intend to scare the inhabitants for expelling them from their dominion. They have to show their firm decision that they now belong to Jesus by their daily prayers and their life. On the fourth night all was quiet and the whole family was able to sleep in peace. May the name of the Lord be praised now and forever.

  • The infestation of the place was caused primarily by the evil done there --abortions.
  • The superstitious life of the grandmother and mother because of their regular consultation with occult practitioners, in this case the albularyos, exacerbated  the infestation by bringing in additional spirits with them whenever they visited the occult practitioners as well as bring home cursed objects in the guise of amulets, talismans, potions.
  • The opened occult third eye of the eldest daughter also brought in additional spirits who were attracted to her as they could communicate with her.
  • The evil spirits attempted to possess the boy by first initiating a friendship since he was alone most of the time.
  • The third eye of the eldest daughter closed very slowly because of proximity to two things --the house and the mother. By breaking the unholy soul ties with the two, the closing hastened. By liberating the house from infestation, the third eye finally closed as there is no more irritant that slowed down the full closing of the third eye.