Monday 30 March 2015

ABS-CBN NEWS July 21, 2013 Report on Albularyo reveals secret of healing powers

The occult secret of a typical Albularyo

The deception is very clear. The use of elemental spirits and disguising them under the form of Catholic images and objects.

I have nothing but pity in these poor People of God, in their desire to be healed of their ailments that a medical doctor can help cure, they would prefer to go to an albularyo and be contaminated by unclean spirits. They can be healed physically, I have no doubt about that, but at the cost of an entry way to their soul. Their faith wanes. They believe more the enkantos than God. They consult more the simple albularyos who are kind and gentle than perhaps the educated priest who is arrogant and never around. They would offer more to the anitos, than give their life completely to the One True God.

KAPUSO MO JESSICA SOHO September 12, 2012 Report on a possession in Cebu

This is a good documentary, objective in its treatment. My pain here is there was no priest in sight or even if there were, they did not simply know how to face the problem. And the people seeing that the priest can not do anything would proceed to go the local albularyo and there find relief.

One day the Catholic faithful will simply wake up seeing that the priests who in their homilies talk about the power of Jesus over unclean spirits do not know what they are talking about. Or perhaps they know and believe but do not know how to exercise the power given them. Or perhaps they are too afraid that the devil will not listen to them and they would be embarrassed. In the end it would really be a battle of faith. What a pity when that day comes?

CASE STORY: What if a curse bounces back?

There was this case of a woman, one of the first I met when I was appointed assisting exorcist in 2014, that I encountered along the corridor going to the chapel where we will have an exorcism. The man accompanying her greeted me. I was in my dominican habit at that time. The woman upon seeing me started to have a bizarre facial contortion. First time to see such a thing. She seemed like yawning but then her jaw started to separate one part going to the left, the other to the right. There was the part that was staring at me with a sharp look, and the other seemingly sheepishly shy. I saw them enter the chapel where we will hold the prayers. I was going to the opposite direction to look for fr. Jocis. Since it was the second case for the day, we were in a short break.

When fr. Jocis and I went back to the chapel, we saw the woman being interviewed by one of the AMOE lay volunteers. She looked normal to me, until she saw us priests when she started again to have that facial contortions. When the interview was over, we went to a private room to be oriented on the case.

The story goes back when the woman saw by way of online video chat the husband who at that time was working overseas in the deserts of the Middle East with another woman on the background. She recognized the woman and immediately jealousy overtook her. She did not ask any rational question to the husband but began accusing him and the lady on the background of being lovers. That cut the video chat. Immediately she wrote slanderous accusations at the woman by email, accusing her of being a bitch, and a woman who steals husbands from their wives. Her last words to her was a curse: "Ang asawa ko ay hindi pumapatol sa mga asong katulad mo. Dahil isa kang p***** aso!" (My husband does not have relations with a dog like you. For you are a bitch!) Of course the accusation was so strong and unjust. The woman was on the background because the video chat was at the workplace, and it so happened that the woman just passed by and said hello. What triggered the woman's jealousy was the thought that since the husband is far away, temptation towards marital infidelity is strong. She knew all about being left for another woman, as her mother experienced that tragic fate when the father left the house for another woman when she was just a young girl. Then at high school she had the sad experience of being left by her boyfriend for another. And therefore the thought that the husband would perhaps leave her was simply overwhelming.

What made this even more surprising was that they were not even married yet neither in church nor civilly. The woman was waiting for her immigrant petition to the US, she was notified that it would be coming soon. And therefore she could not get married at all, nor have children. So they were just common law couple living together without the benefit of a legally binding marriage. Hence, it was not far fetched to imagine of the possibility of a separation. Now this man accompanying her in the chapel is that common law husband who came home to give her moral support. For after that curse sent through email, it was not long that something bizarre started to happen to her. She started to act like a dog in front of people. At home alone she acts normally. But somehow when there were guests around she would yawn like that of a dog, pant like a dog, and have the contortions on the face pretty much what I saw earlier. She would even scratch herself often as if she has fleas.

Artist's conception of the Jackal Demon of the Desert
Her sisters brought her to the local shaman or albularyo. After doing some rituals on her, the shaman gave up because there is a desert dog demon in her who was very powerful. She was referred to another albularyo for a second opinion. This albularyo told them that a more powerful curse was sent against her. During that briefing, we asked ourselves whether it really was a case of another curse being sent to her or was it a bouncing curse? This albularyo recommended that they see a priest instead. So off they went to their parish priest who kindly referred them to a priest who guides a charismatic prayer group who were into deliverance ministry.This group prayed over her attempting to expel the demon but they were unable to. When the demon manifested itself to them, they were simply terrified at what they saw and closed the prayer without any resolution. It was then that they were referred to AMOE.

I only had a chance to pray over her twice. I was told she had about a total of six exorcism pray overs done to her by other priests of AMOE. On this first pray-over she was very violent. She really was like a wild dog, biting, howling, scratching, panting. During the exorcism prayers she reacted very strongly to all the prayers against the demons that attack through iniquity, emotions and passions, and the occult. We understood immediately why. Her irregular marital condition was a significant hindrance to the healing. God is never pleased with immoral relationships even if it be done in the name of love. Hence the sexual relationship between them was plainly immoral. And even if she would confess it over and over again, nothing changes in her situation. She remains in a state of sin as long as she and the man would sleep together like husband and wife. Then her trauma of being replaced for another woman, her jealousy were very strong emotions that drove her to curse and slander another person. Finally, the curse itself was an occult act, a calling of a demon to do harm to another human being. This was further aggravated by the rituals done on her by the albularyos.

We could not exorcise the demon out at that time. The Lord was not allowing it to be driven out. The reason was clear. She had to tidy her life first. I was very sorry for her. I knew she would suffer. But that was the penalty for sending a curse that bounced back. Why did it bounce back? We would never know the answer. We could only have conjectures. Perhaps the other woman was protected by God and she was innocent of all the things she was being accused of. Perhaps she had a talisman or amulet that protected her and that the demon of the amulet or talisman was more powerful than the demon of the curse. Perhaps she herself had sent a more powerful curse against the accuser.

Finally, she received her petition and was able to settle in the US. When all the papers were done and has clear legal resident status, she went back to the Philippines to be married to her boyfriend. Before marrying the boyfriend, they went to confession together. They were married in church and settled their status before God. Having the irregular status regularized, AMOE continued to minister to her.

Indeed the curse sent to her was really strong. As I said it would take about six exorcisms over a span of a few months for her to be truly free. The challenge on her christian life continues. We pray that she would persevere in grace and virtue.

CASE STORY: Not all physical faith healings come from God

There is a common misconception among simple folks that all types of healing come from God simply because healing is good, and God is good, therefore all healings come from God. This is however far from the truth. The Sacred Scriptures are replete with stories of pagan magicians and sorcerers able to to mimic phenomena that supposed to be only God can do. The story of the plagues of Egypt done by God through the hand of His servant Moses and Aaron, were imitated by Pharaoh's magicians and sorcerers (Exodus 7ff.). In three of the prodigies of Moses the sorcerers were able to imitate --namely the rods turning to serpents, the water turning into blood, and the frogs. St. Paul also warns us strongly, that Satan and his followers can make themselves appear as angels of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). Therefore we should not be surprised if unclean spirits can cause healing of the sickness they themselves have caused.

Take this case for example. A religious sister, devout and sincere in her apostolic work, wanted very much to be of service to the poor especially in their sickness. She asked the Lord for the gift of healing so that she can heal the people of their many maladies. She did not wait for the answer but rather relied on what seemed to be a talent that she possessed since a little girl of being able to heal people by touching the part that is at pain and uttering some words that she learned from her parents and grandparents. After all she came from a line of local healers. She would go from place to place and healing people using leaves, oil, and some kind of potion she learned from her grandparents. She was therefore known in the locality as a healing sister and poor people would come for her for physical healing from all types of maladies from simple to more complex ones. Over all she was effective. She would ask people to pray, she would teach them catechism, before she would heal them. She thought that because she could heal, God approved of the apostolate, and granted her healing powers.

It would not be long that people she healed started to have terrible nightmares and their sickness returning with a vengeance. She too started to have serious headaches, troublesome nightmares, and she would start to see ghoulish figures around. She sought help from her spiritual director who referred her to AMOE. During the AMOE interview, she was told directly that her powers are not from God, and it is from the evil one. This was the reason that those she healed got better before getting worse; that they are having nightmares, and that she too is now having visions of evil creatures and nightmares. She could not believe that all along her healing power was not from God. She said that she always prays and offers the ministry to the Lord, how could it not be from God? The answer was quite simple really. She inherited it from her ancestors who were local shamans (albularyos) who in turn got it either from ancestors who received it from some dwende or engkanto or anito. The source of the power therefore was demonic and even if used for what seemed to be beneficial and therefore good, remains to be contaminated by evil powers. She asked if it can be transformed to good by some prayer or consecration. The answer given was in the negative. There is no way to make it good. And the only real solution for the peace of mind of both the patients and the healer was to renounce the ungodly soul-ties formed between the ancestors and the healer and between the healer and the power and the source of the power. That renouncement was difficult for her. Because it would mean losing the power. Is it possible to retain the power but cast out the unclean spirit? The answer was also in the negative. The power being used to heal is the power of the unclean spirit and that is that. The sister therefore agreed to be prayed over. She made her renouncement, or so it seemed

During the pray-over, the exorcisms, and the closing of the occult third eye, the religious sister complained of a terrible headache that ran through the whole of her head from the back to the front. We had our suspicions on the reason behind the excruciating headache, but we figured that the sister need to learn it the hardway. We had our suspicion that she is not renouncing the power but only the demon. After the session that left her exhausted and tired, we counseled her that she has to return to the charism of their congregation and foundress. She needs to understand it very well. She has this idea that the healing ministry is her apostolate, forgetting that as a religious her first mission is to be sanctified first before serving. She is stubborn. She left us with the promise that she would think things over and pray over it. She never returned, she insisted on healing, on her quack healing. Now she is possessed and her agony indescribable. She has squandered the grace given to her to be liberated early on. Now the demon is deeply entrenched in her and her pride. It would be an uphill battle. But AMOE has other clients to tend to. She would need to wait.

KAPUSO MO JESSICA SOHO March 22, 2015 Report on some "Stigmata" phenomenon in the Philippines

A lot of Catholic Filipinos seem to have a propensity to believe immediately that something that looks strange and miraculous comes immediately from God. This is a very dangerous attitude and opens the people to being deceived. Fr. Jocis Syquia of the Archdiocese of Manila Commission of Extra-ordinary Phenomena and Office of Exorcism gives us a sane and rational way on how to understand and judge these things.

Watch it here:

The report pertinent to our discussion starts at segment 4:19. Please advance it forward.