Thursday 12 March 2015

The Weapons for Spiritual Battle of the Priest

3.1 The Weapons for Spiritual Battle of the Priest

Just like a soldier or warrior, and yes a shinobi would never fight without weapons, so also the exorcist has his spiritual weapons too. He also prepares his exorcism kit which basically contains all the things (I liked to call them weapons) he would need during the prayer-intercession. My ministry kit contains the following: 

  • Roman Ritual of Exorcism or the Catholic Handbook of Prayers for Spiritual Liberation and Exorcisms
  • Holy Bible
  • Purple Stole (long and supple enough) that it can comfortably be wrapped around the neck of the afflicted, no tassel, ankle length, 3-4 inches wide. At the end of the stole are the  embroidered design of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, the Exorcism side of the Medal of St. Benedict, the Exorcism side of St. Anthony of Padua’s Cross. Aside from the proper blessing for a stole, each of the embroidered design were blessed according to proper blessing intended for them.
  • Crucifix either a blessing crucifix or a Benedictine Medal Crucifix or regular traditional crucifix (latin, slavic, greek, coptic style). Since the priest would often use this during the prayer-intercessions for prolonged periods, this should be of quality and durable material, which is also big enough to be comfortably held by the hand and applied to parts of the body if necessary. Hence, they should not be too big nor too small. A 5in-6in crucifix would be excellent.
  • Exorcised Holy Water for blessing and for drinking
  • Exorcised Salt
  • Exorcised Holy Oil (including OC, OI, SC)
  • Catholic Handbook of Prayers for the Spiritually Afflicted or a copy of particular prayers that is needed to be recited by the Afflicted during the course of the prayer intercession. This is most necessary especially for the prayers and responses in the Closing of the Occult Third Eye, Breaking of Inter-generational Curses, Breaking of Unholy-Ties and Vows, Healing of the Family Tree, and Prayer for Inner Healing.
Optional but Highly Recommended
  • Blessed Sacrament in a Pyx with strong chain necklace
  • Blessed Alb or Religious Habit (if a clerical shirt would be worn this should also be blessed using the proper prayer-blessing)
  • Holy Relic (must be authentic)
  • Exorcised and Blessed Candle
  • Holy Rosary and other sacramental
  • Exorcised and Blessed Incense (including incense charcoal)
  • Censer
  • Lighter or Matches
  • Paper towels or paper napkin
  • Container for exclusive use to put paper towel that has been used to wipe excess holy oil
  • Shawl or mantle that would be exclusively used for the ministry in order to maintain or preserve modesty of women being ministered to
  • Plastic bag for any refuse or cursed object expelled by the afflicted during the course of the prayer intercessions.
The priest, using the appropriate blessing prayers, should bless the bag and everything that would be placed inside it for the ministry. Once this has been done, the bag and all that it contains should be henceforth exclusively used for ministry purposes only.

What is so fearsome about the use of blessed sacramentals in the ministry is to see how the Almighty humbles the proud devil with these lowly things. By blessing these material things in the name and power of the Lord Jesus, they are given grace and elevated to a level of holiness that curbs, halts the actions of unclean spirits and torments them. How indeed God resists the proud but uplifts the lowly (Jas 4:6). 

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